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Jet Email Extractor version 6.7
Digeus Jet Email Extractor
File Size: 1.93 MB
Language: English
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000/2003/Vista x32, Vista x64/Windows 7
Vista Jet Email Extractor | Email Marketing Services | Get Targeted Email Addresses of Potential Customers for Windows Vista
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Want to start your email marketing campaigns? Have something to sell, a cause to promote, a service to provide? Whether you're looking to send an email newsletter, a high-impact email promotion, an email event invitation, an online survey, or build your email list, discover how Digeus Jet Email Extractor can help you get it done.
Digeus Jet Email Extractor is a great helper in conducting email marketing campaigns. Every email campaign requires large lists of email addresses. It's almost impossible to extract the email addresses manually. It was designed to collect targeted email addresses of potential customers to boost your sales and revenue.
Digeus Jet Email Extractor will build huge targeted mailing lists. It connects to lots of news servers and retrieves email addresses from the headers of each and every article in chosen target-related newsgroups.
Simple Steps for Creating Targeted Email List:
1. Run Jet Email Extractor and select news groups related to your target audience.
2. Press 'Extract Emails' button to extract emails
3. Save strongly targeted users` emails with names to text file for your email campaign.
  Capture email addresses at very high speed. Multithreaded. Average speed is 100,000     emails per hour!
  Extract not only user's email but also name. Your direct marketing will be personalized!     Adding personalized content to email marketing messages is great benefit
  Automatically removes duplicate and incorrect email addresses
  Extraction is strongly targeted to specific audience (you choose your audience by selecting     target-related news groups);
  Export the results into text file (mailing list)
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Discover how easy it is to create your email list!
Jet Email Extractor Features
  Works in multithread mode;
  Extremely fast processing - 100,000 valid emails per hour;
  Collects valid emails together with user contact information;
  Extracts emails only for newsgroups that you select;
  Auto-remove duplicate email addresses while extracting;
  The most accurate email addresses verification;
  Exports results into text file;
Minimal system requirements:
  Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000/2003/Vista x32, Vista x64/Windows 7
   installed and configured on your system.
Main screen

"Adding new News Server " window

Product Jet Email Extractor
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